We – at Rolla – have accumulated experience and technology for processing sheets made of materials such as aluminium, copper, steel and brass. Thanks to our ability to optimise production processes, we guarantee high quality of the finished product, offering a complete and competitive service.


Laser cutting

Our 2d laser cutting processing centres play a major strategic role in almost all mechanical machining operations. Often used in natural combination with pressure-bending and calendering machines, these machines offer high flexibility with respect to product customisation options. Our array of laser cutting machinery consists...



Shearing and deep-drawing

Besides representing our history at Rolla, our array of machinery, which includes press machines, is still a key processing department in that it integrates and completes the production process thus allowing significant reduction of production costs.   The shearing and deep-drawing department has the following...



Manufacturing moulds

Mould design and manufacturing The mould design and manufacturing function represents an important service offered to the customer, in that it allows identifying the specific equipment depending on specific demands (especially shearing/deep-drawing and bending/calendering departments). After sharing the 2d or 3d design using the Goelan...


Piegatrice Rolla

Bending and calendering

Our bending and calendering machines, obviously completing the processed products coming from the laser cutting department, obviously allow a considerable machining flexibility with the aim of obtaining custom-made products. Our bending and calendering machines include: - CNC bending machines, from 25 up to 100 t...




We can carry out several types of welding: Tig, Mig, braze welding, on iron, steel, brass, copper and aluminium too. Based on the technical drawings and customer’s specifications, we carry out welding both on bearing parts as well as detailed aesthetic works.   The department’s...




Our epoxy powder coating system allows us to offer our customers supreme production elasticity in compliance with the most recent anti-pollution standards.